Ellsworth Wedding

This wedding was such a fairytale. The bride was chill and sweet all day long, and when the couple were together, they exuded love. The vibe of the whole day was so relaxed and romantic, and I felt so lucky to be there photographing so much beauty. If their wedding is any indication, I am guessing their life together will be the sweetest, happiest thing. Cheers to these two, and love!

florals – Ted and Debbie’s

event planning / coordinating – Inspired Help 

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Hannah + Wade

I have known Hannah since we were both bespectacled little fourth graders. Getting to photograph her and her future Mr. was such an honor.

hot cocoa, a sweet puppy running through the field chasing birds, and two people in love made for a wonderful sun filled evening.

have I said recently how much I love my job.

A Waterfall Elopement

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These two were so sweet and in love. Photographing them on this rainy day in Oregon was an honor.

All I have to say is – I love my job.

Sarah + Daniel Elope

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In the beginning of August we packed our bags and flew to wonderful happy Costa Rica, where these two sweet souls married one another.

It was a week filled with adventures and gorgeous sunsets.

We kayaked, swam in the biggest waves, saw sloths, woke up to monkeys chatting in the trees above our heads, and most importantly, celebrated Sarah and Daniels love.

Abby Rose + Charles

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These two. They are the cutest, sweetest, most adorable couple I have ever seen. So when they asked me to photograph them, it was like opening a gift on Christmas day. I have secretly been dying to photograph them (for obvious reasons – I mean, look at them.) so this day was so fun for me. They were giggling and snuggling the whole time, and it was positively adorable. Thanks, Abby Rose + Charles for being so darling!

Elliott Maternity

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These two were such troopers hiking to this lovely spot in the Oklahoma heat. We were surrounded by bugs and the threat of snakes, but they followed me along wherever I went. I love loved this shoot, so I had to share the images with ya’ll. Enjoy!

Deer + Flowers (a styled shoot with Emerson Events)

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Last week I drove to OKC to do a dreamy styled shoot. A talented friend that I have known since I was 10 put the shoot together, and it was, as I knew it would be, absolutely gorgeous. The moment we got to our location, I spotted a field that I knew would have gorgeous light once the sun was a bit lower. While we were shooting in that golden sun soaked field, a herd of deer frolicked through. It was one of the most magical moments! Sophie, the model, was such a trooper and elegantly ran after them so I could snap a few shots with them. In conclusion, working with friends is magical. I love what I do, and when it involves friends, that makes it even better.

Styling and Florals by Emerson Events 

Dress – Prim OKC

Hair and Make-up – Malorie Avaline

Ring Box – The Mrs. Box 

Model – Sophie Mulenos

Meredith + Jake

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Sometimes before a shoot, I get jittery + nervous. This almost never happens when I know the person/persons I am shooting. So last Saturday, I had no anxiety, and just excitement as the couple are friends of J and I. Jake was one of Jordan’s roommates before we were married, and Meredith is his lovely soon to be wife. I knew Jake + Meredith would be fun to shoot, and they far exceeded my expectations. They were laughing the entire time and just had such pure joy in being together. I hardly had to pose them because they were adorably interacting the entire time. I couldn’t help but smile the rest of the evening –  I love being able to take photos of couples who are so happy and drawn to one another – it makes my heart swell seeing so much love in the world. Thanks for being adorably in love Jake + Meredith! Taking your photos was an honor.

Dan + Sarah

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This sweet couple are a part of a sweet family that is so dear to my heart. I love photographing this family, and have been able to be there for several big moments. Last year, my darling Abbey and I road tripped up to Chicago where I photographed Daniel asking Sarah to spend forever with her. This August, we will fly to Costa Rica and enjoy several days in paradise and I will have the honor of photographing their vows. Until then, here are some of their engagement photos.

Matt + Laura Elope

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a little over a year ago, I asked Matt if he would help me teach some girls how to rock climb. He agreed, and girls turned to girl, and it was just Laura, Matt and I running around in hiking shoes through golden fields and overgrown paths scraping our knees and sharing water bottles. We talked and climbed and had fun together. A few weeks later the two were inseparable, and a handful of months after, I was in Oregon guiding an unknowing Laura up to Crater Lake, where she had always known a life changing event would take place, to an eagerly waiting Matt, who had been working on a ranch in Colorado for a few months. After a sweet tear and hug filled reunion, he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. She said yes. Fast forward again and we were back in Oregon hiking through the mud to the most breathtaking spot. It was Iceland, New Zealand, Narnia, Hogwarts & Heaven, and they said “I do” beneath a thundering waterfall. It was beautiful and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have been there. It has been such an honor to have been able to have a front seat view of this story. These two humans are incredibly special to me, and them marrying is a dream of mine come true. Photographing them is so simple and effortless. I almost never have to pose them – they just interact and are so fully in love. I am almost alway grinning behind my camera, watching these two people that I love and respect so much find so much happiness in one another.  It has been magnificent, and I can’t wait to see what other adventures are yet to come for Mr. & Mrs. Arbo.