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Moorea Seal

I love getting goods to decorate my home with. Especially if it’s gold, or can hold a plant.

Moorea Seal has all that and (way) more. A billion lovely home goods, and a bunch of accessories that I absolutely need right now. I am not joking – I have a list of things “to get” and more than half is from Moorea Seal. This post is basically just to inform those who didn’t know, that this place exists, and that you probably need it in your life as much as I do.

The things that I have (so far) just in case you love/need

the Woven Millet Basket 

Zig Zag Woven Planter

Dew Drop Ornament

Devito Ornament

I am totally in love with each of these items.

Vanity Planet

So I eagerly jumped on the spin brush train, and now I am wondering why it took so long because the Skin For Perfect Skin by Vanity Planet is amazing! My pores have definitely gotten smaller, and every time I use it, my skin is baby soft. BONUS : yesterday, a girl told me I had “a nice complexion going on” YAY! I’ve been waiting forever to hear that.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but the older I get, the duller my skin gets, and the more obsessed I become with good skincare and sunscreen. And those things are definitely amazing and helpful, but this spin brush is like my secret weapon in my arsenal of trying-to-age-gracefully (and slowly) this particular one has interchangeable brushes, so you can use it for a bunch of different things. And it’s safe to take in the shower, which is great. I love this thing, and will never go back to washing my face without this bad boy.

Now, I am super excited about this part – if you want to get your own (trust me babes, you do) Vanity Planet has graciously offered to give you guys 70% off!

just click here and use the coupon code AbbySpin to get your own spin brush for $30 instead of $100 ! ! ! 

me + she giveaway

these geometric air plant wall hangings from Me + She are so darling and totally versatile.

They look cute on a coffee table, or hanging on the wall. And I adore the way they look with or without and air plant.

I am partnering up with Me + She to offer y’all a chance to win your own set of these cute wall hangings.

contest details on my insta!

Good luck!

Halloween with Magician + Rabbit


Halloween is one of the best days of the year.

each October, everyone has the chance to dress up as whatever they want – meaning I can walk into the grocery store dressed as a rabbit and buy some carrots, without people looking at me like I am crazy. How great.

This year, J and I were a Magician, and a rabbit. For J we just ordered a top hat, bow tie, and a wand – and for my costume, I hand sewed an A-line skirt, a tail, and a wire headband (my rabbit ears), all out of the same faux fur fabric (say that 10 times fast)

We hosted a small house party and spent the evening eating, passing out candy, and playing games around the table. I love halloween, and can’t wait for the next one.

OMG I’m TwentyFive

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on the nineteenth of july, I woke up early and was going to try to sneak down the hall without waking anyone up. I opened the door, and was instantly covered in balloons and saw streamers all across the doorway – the next moment Lauren jumped out smiling from ear to ear, and then Stephanie doing the same. my plan for quietness went out the window as I couldn’t hold in the happy laughter – from that moment on, I was continually treated like a fairy princess all day long. a special breakfast, a shark toy (25, or 5? you may ask – I’m just all for never growing up), new shoes, a photo shoot with balloons by Lauren, glittery gold candles being blown out on the beach, ice cream, cheesecake, a day lounging on the beach, sweet words, and lots of giggles. my Tohline family put so much effort into making me feel special, and I did all day. I really am so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people. Thank you to everyone who wished me a wonderful birthday! I had the best day.

Summer Sweet Treat

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These popsicles were so yummy – I just had to share the recipe with ya’ll! Enjoy!


8oz cream cheese

7oz JET-PUFFED marshmallow creme

1/4cup of milk

3/4cup of chopped strawberries

1cup of graham crackers

2tbsp butter

disposable paper cups

popsicle sticks


beat cream cheese on medium speed until smooth, then add marshmallow creme. beat until mixed well. then add the milk and continue mixing.

wash and cut the strawberries.

pour the mixture into the paper cups.

crush the graham crackers and pour them into a microwave safe bowl, add butter, and then microwave for 40-50 seconds until the butter is melted. mix well.

pour the graham cracker crumbs into the paper cups, and then add a popsicle stick.

put in the freezer until frozen.

when you are ready to enjoy, just cut off the paper cup, and voila!

I hope ya’ll like them as much as I do!

Marfa + Austin, tx

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This year, I turn 25! Ahh! Why am I excited about that? It isn’t the fact that I am getting older. I don’t care about that. It’s all about the celebration. I love celebrating! Give me an excuse to celebrate, and I’ll find my best dress, make some decorations, and party!

So this year, turning 25 – A QUARTER OF A CENTURY! It is the perfect reason to celebrate.

On my actual birthday (July 19th) I will be in New England on the beach for the Tohline family vacation! So Jordan and I decided to celebrate together with a trip down to Texas. Specifically Austin, and Marfa.

Austin was delicious. Guided by tips from our dear friends Scott + Elise, we munched on incredible tacos, and watched Back To The Future at an old timey drive-in. We laughed a lot, and also almost melted in the heat. We were there for such a short time, and somehow, I barely got any photos.

And then there was Marfa.

This place is unlike any other I have ever been. The vibe there is so chill and relaxing. I felt like I could stay for weeks just sitting enjoying the atmosphere. El Cosmico (where we stayed) was magic. Our first night we stayed in a teepee and honestly, it was so comfortable, I felt I could live there. Our second night was spent in a safari tent, which was also awesome, but definitely not livable. So now we know that important information – Abby prefers teepees to safari tents. If you go to Marfa, which you should, stay at El Cosmico – it is so chill and fun. The biggest thing I took away from Marfa, was that I needed like 5 more days to really experience all the things you are supposed to experience in Marfa. I feel like we barely scratched the surface (which is surprising considering the size of the town) and as we were leaving, we were talking about all the things we will do when we go back.

What we didn’t do – all the art things

What we did instead – drive 6 hours round trip to hike in Big Bend

I have no regrets. Big Bend took my breath away and felt like home. It was so gorgeous – from the wild horses, to the Santa Elena Canyon Trail the whole place just made me giddy. After our hike in 100+ degree weather, & our long drive home, we ate burgers and ice cream and went to see the Marfa Lights (ALIENS!) It was all so pleasant, just like the whole trip. I really can’t wait to get back to Marfa and experience the rest of what the town has to offer.

I give this trip an A+ for making a very happy Abby. Southwest tx, I love ya.