SO it’s been a GAZZILIION years since I have blogged. The move + life in general kept me overly busy the past few months. Being an extremely optimistic person, I just kept saying yes to different projects and trips thinking “oh it’ll all work out”. And I mean, it did all work out, but I honestly am SHOCKED that it isn’t still June. Where did the summer go?

So, I’m going to get back into this with a post about one of my FAVORITE brands right now. Sseko. Their products are so well designed and made. My favorite bag right now is from there. It’s the perfect size for travel, and makes finding everything I carry with me, so easy. My new wallet is from there, and you will probably hear me blabbing about it at least ten more times, because it makes life so easy. It’s beautiful + my passport fits in there. Which is a HUGE DEAL to me. Cause when I am traveling, I feel like I never know where to put my passport. It needs to be somewhere safe and secure, but also easily accessible, and normally I just feel so confused about where that space is. But now I know – it’s in my beautiful wallet!

Enough about my materialistic obsession with this brand – here is why I LOVE them.

“Sseko began as a way to generate income for high potential, talented young women to continue on to university. And it is working! Every woman who has graduated from Sseko is currently pursuing her college degree or has graduated from university and is on her way to making our world a more beautiful place.”

So, when you buy an amazing wallet, gorgeous bag, or the most comfortable pair of shoes, you are helping to send a girl in Uganda, to college. You are literally changing someones life. That makes treating yourself to a new pair of shoes that much sweeter, doesn’t it?

Huge thank you to Stephanie Brooke for taking these photos of me ON A WORK DAY. You da best.

A big move + Herbivore + Moorea Seal

We made the cross country move from Tulsa, OK – to Portland, OR!

The drive was easier than we expected, but definitely exhausted us. We are settling in to our new home and still working to make it ours. One of the (many) things I love about our new place is sparkly clean white bathtub. Up till this point, J and I have always opted for older homes with lots of charm – somehow we always ended up with tubs containing a bit too much charm *cough* water damage *cough*. So having a lovely tub just waiting for me to light some candles and soak my sorrows away with some bath salts and other goodies, is almost too exciting for words.

I found some wonderful Herbivore bath products at Moorea Seal (my favorite online boutique)

All natural products that smell like heaven, and also look cute in the bathroom. That’s a win-win in my book.

so here they are friends – what I chose for a relaxing bath tub getaway.

Coco Rose Coconut Oil

Calm Dead Sea Bath Salts

Coconut Milk Bath Soak 

Pink Clay Cleansing Bar Soap

The Peachbox

I got this lovely Marc Bale watch, and bangle from The Peachbox, and since getting it, I have absolutely fallen in love. The rose gold is so beautiful and rich looking, and I love the classic style of the face. It’s the perfect size – just over-sized enough.

If you love it as much as I do, or anything else at The Peachbox, you can use the code mb-abby_tohline to get 15% off! You have till the end of March to take advantage of the coupon code.

Albion Fit

I love social media for this exact reason.

One day I was watching some snapchats and came across Albion Fit.

I had been looking for some new workout pants, and these were everything. After getting a pair, my love for Albion Fit grew even more. The material is just the right amount of thickness, and is so insanely comfortable. The fit is perfect, and the prints, you can see for yourself, are absolutely adorable.

I have also heard that their darling swimsuits are amazing as well. I can’t wait to get my own.

Now, here is the fun part – you can get your own Albion Fit gear for 15% off when you use the code abbyxalbion15. The code expires February 24th, so use it fast!

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Inspired by bohemian life and travels, Zacasha tassel necklaces are so dreamy and whimsical. I am teaming up with these folks to give away a set of these beauties to one lucky winner. Check out my instagram to learn how to win.

BCP Jewelry

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The absolute raddest pieces of jewelry I have ever owned came from BCP Jewelry. This gal designs the loveliest pieces you have ever laid eyes on. Follow her on Instagram to see her lovely pieces daily.

Bryr Clogs

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This year I have been on the hunt for a good pair of clog sandals – they are so lovely and I really wanted a good pair. After searching forever, I found the perfect pair. Bryr Handmade Clogs are so beautiful & comfy. I wear mine constantly and have never had any complaints. To get your own Bryr Clogs (I highly suggest this) you can shop here! You can also follow them on Instagram here to see updates on new designs!

skirt – thrifted

shirt – Forever21

hat – Minnetonka

shoes – Bryr Clogs


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Dress – Fevrie 

Jacket – Forever 21 (best pleather jackets on earth)

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Tata Harper Giveaway

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The day I discovered Tata Harper Skin care, was a great day. They had me at 100% natural, non toxic. This stuff is so wonderful, I kind of think it’s hocus pocus magic. Like maybe the ingredients contain unicorn hairs and mermaid laughs. Whatever is in here, smells amazing, and leaves my skin glowing, and looking much smoother. It feels awesome, and J always mentions how good I smell after I put it on. Okay, enough gushing – guess what ya’ll? I am partnering with the magicians at Tata Harper to give away TWO bottles of my favorite product – Beautifying Face Oil.

For two lucky winners, Tata Harper will send you a bottle of this magic. All you need to do is follow me, and Tata Harper on Instagram, and then comment on the Tata Harper photo on my Instagram tagging a friend who you think will also enjoy unicorn hairs + mermaid laughs being put on their face. We will randomly select two winners, and Tata Harper will send you your bottle. Good luck!

NOONDAY (+ I have pretty friends)

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On Saturday, I hopped into my car with three sweet and beautiful friends of  mine (Chelsea, Laura, and Nikolette) & drove down to the Salt Flats to do a shoot of some gorgeous and colorful pieces from Noonday, a wonderful company that helps provide women in need with jobs creating lovely jewelry – they help women in Nepal, India, Africa, and many more. I’ll let my friend Emily tell you more!

I’m married to the love of my life, Chris, and living the dream here in Jenks, Oklahoma with our three furry children. Chris is a software engineer and I’m a Special Education teacher. Eating at delectable diners is a favorite pastime, and doing fun projects around the house together keeps us entertained. 

I became an Ambassador for Noonday at the end of September, 2014. Becoming an ambassador took me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to jump into something with my whole heart, showing my own vulnerability to others, in hope that people would see the need of creating a flourishing world.

At the very core of my heart is the hope that all children belong, and all women that want to be mama’s can have the chance to be a mama. With Noonday, I get to make that happen. I support families in the process of adoption through Adoption Trunk Shows, and every single purchase through Noonday Collection helps families in over 13 countries that Noonday currently partners with. I believe in our artisans, and after meeting them it became {that} much more real to me. I ask people on a routine basis to walk this road with me, to partner with me and influence their community, to gather their friends, and to share the stories of lifting others out of poverty. I absolutely love the power that I get to BOLDLY ASK people to purchase, host, or become an Ambassador with Noonday Collection.

I am here to invite you to join our movement!

  1. Shop with Noonday Collection  — Your purchases alone make a difference to our artisans.
  2. Host a Trunk Show — This is a way to connect with others in your community, create a connection between your community and the community of our Artisans across the globe. Hosting a show earns you free jewelry and accessories!
  3. Become an Ambassador — I’d love to share with you how you can become a part of a movement of people who use fashion to create life-changing opportunities around the world!

Being a part of Noonday has changed my life. It’s my hearts desire to influence with intention the community and world around me. I would love to share this with you, whether you are next door, or a few states away. Noonday is able to be the light in a world of darkness. Who can you shine your light on today?

You can shop the gorgeous jewelry here, & you can contact Emily to learn more at!