Parachute Home

Ya’ll. Let’s talk about sleep. I looooove sleep. I get at least nine hours a night. Sleep helps you look your best, and feel your best. I’m no scientist, but we all know the benefits of sleep, so luckily, I don’t need to pretend to know why sleep is so great. it. just. is.

Which brings me to Parachute. Before getting my parachute bedding, I was waking up throughout the night from either being overheated, too cold, or just uncomfortable. It was so bad, J mentioned that we needed to upgrade and invest in some good bedding. We sleep for almost half of our lives – shouldn’t that time spent sleeping be the best it can be? So together, we decided to ditch cheap, bad bedding, and get something beautiful, well made, and comfortable. Enter, Parachute Home.

I was able to go to their Portland store and F E E L the sheets and duvets before committing to something. Which is huge. Plus, the store is gorgeous, and has the best vibe. I can’t suggest this experience more. We have had Parachute bedding for a couple weeks now, and we are so totally in love. I am no longer waking up in the middle of the night, and every time I walk by our bed and see that gorgeous bedding, I smile so big.

Thanks Parachute Home for making the best bedding ever.

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