Morocco was such a dream. It reminded me of Nepal in that, when people ask me what I liked about it, my answer is “Everything”.

The food, the culture, the beauty, architecture, and people – it’s all so good.

We stayed at a lovely Riad in Marrakech, that I can’t suggest enough. The team their was incredibly helpful, and truly went above and beyond in helping us to make the most out of our trip.

while in Marrakech, we would go out into the winding streets of the medina, and get lost. it was easy enough to find our way back to the riad each day, because these dizzying streets all circle around one giant life-filled square. This square holds snake charmers – eager to lay a cobra across your shoulders, hundreds of people selling goods, or henna tattoos, leather goods, tea, oils – it’s very touristy, and very overwhelming. Not in a bad way, just in a “wow there is so much to see and take in” and much like all rivers lead to the ocean, all these streets lead to the square. so once you figure out where you are staying in regards to the square, you can wander all you want.

Although we couldn’t get enough of bartering and shopping for beautiful moroccan goodies, and eating on rooftops overlooking the city, we did decide to leave Marrakech.

we drove 8 hours away, through miles of empty desert, the high atlas mountains, and countless beautiful cities and villages. We ended up at the cusp of the Sahara desert, where we jumped on some camels, and rode to our campground for the night. We stayed beneath the brightest starry sky, laughing, dancing, and singing with our bedouin hosts. This experience was one of my favorites of my life – we were there with three other groups of people, two German brothers, a group of cheerful Japanese girlfriends, and a French family. We couldn’t communicate, but we all shared the most beautiful night being brought together by our hosts as we held hands dancing around the fire. It was incredible.

My favorite memory from that night was scurrying up a massive sand dune with Jordan, to sit and watch the sun disappear into the horizontal line miles and miles away. Our legs were aching from the camel ride, but we didn’t let that stop us.

Morocco was magical. I can’t wait to go back, and I encourage anyone and everyone to consider visiting that beautiful country.

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